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We are a team of highly experienced and distinguished medical professionals that offer a full spectrum of non-surgical and non-invasive cosmetic procedures.



We pride ourselves on our innovative customer
experience and our professional, unique culture.

Sovereign Skin is a leading-edge, modern cosmetic treatment clinic. Our team of doctors, nurses and medical estheticians purposefully strive to provide honest, ethical, and relevant treatment options, along with safe and memorable procedure experiences. Sovereign Skin aspires to not only provide optimal results, but also to cultivate a customer service experience that supersedes all expectations.

Our Sovereign Skin doctors are trained and experienced. They are dedicated to delivering quality results to our patients and upholding a high standard of professionalism and safety. Each cosmetic doctor has a true passion for the cosmetic industry and beautiful, natural results.

Dedicated to Sovereign Skin’s foundational principles of excellence, our cosmetic doctors inject with true artistry and distinction. Our doctors specialize in providing Sovereign Skin’s dermal filler and Botox injections for clients. If you are looking for excellent results for lip injections, under-eye dark circles, safe Botox treatments, a non-surgical nose job, jawline contouring, or masseter reduction, a top priority for Sovereign Skin’s doctors is to deliver an exceptional injection experience straight to you.


Dr. Cory Torgerson

Dr. Torgerson has been a leading injector for many years. Well known throughout Canada for his teaching and training expertise, Dr. Torgerson enjoys delivering excellent injection results that harmoniously balance art and medicine. As a busy facial plastic surgeon, he loves the results that can be achieved through non-invasive treatments like injectable filler and Botox, as well as the transformative power of facial cosmetic surgery.

Our Nurses

We pride ourselves on our innovative customer experience and our professional, unique culture.

Each nurse is specially trained in their specific area of expertise, whether it be laser treatments, ultherapy, or some other form of non-surgical procedure. Our nurses offer trustworthy recommendations during a patient’s initial consult, personalizing a treatment plan to suit individual concerns. Patients can rest assured that the high standards the Sovereign Skin nurses uphold will translate well into a safe, comfortable, and rewarding outcome post-treatment. Whether the need is medically related or a beauty concern, our nurses will deliver the best products and services.

Our medical estheticians & technicians are Canadian-trained in the latest and most
innovative non-surgical cosmetic treatment solutions.

They provide standardized cosmetic procedures that are exceptional and worthwhile. These include SculpSure (body contouring), microneedling with the V2 Beauty Booster, and silk facials with dermal-infusion, skin-boosting properties. Medical aestheticians with certification in beauty-specific procedures, such as chemical peels or light laser treatments like IPL, also offer one-of-a-kind service and conscientious treatment solutions.

Our administrative team is one of the first points of contact at Sovereign Skin.

Like our medical professionals, our core team is also dedicated to exceptional patient experiences. As part of Sovereign Skin’s pioneering, modern culture, our staff is committed to providing seamless and uniquely wonderful patient encounters and client services. With top-quality service, this behind-the-scenes team of administrators, coordinators, and IT and marketing professionals keep things moving at our avant-garde, leading-edge Toronto cosmetic clinic.

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