Body Contouring (Fat Reduction)

Body contouring Toronto is a minimally invasive and non-surgical method
to remove stubborn and unwanted fat.

What is Body Contouring?

Body contouring treatments can be done in a variety of areas, but are most commonly performed in the stomach, flanks, buttocks, and hips. It is important to remember that body contouring Toronto treatments are not weightloss treatments, but rather a way to get rid of stubborn fat deposits. The treatments allow you to achieve a slimmer body but do not necessarily mean weight reduction. Body contouring treatments are typically requested by patients who have lost a significant amount of weight or who have recently had a child.

Non-invasive body contouring Toronto treatments use a variety of laser technologies with the common goal of removal of fat cells. The technologies work by creating an injury to the fat cells in a targeted area in a very controlled matter. The injury to the fat cells causes the body to naturally eliminate the injured cells over the next few weeks.

Am I a candidate?

If you are someone who in the range of a healthy weight and have some problem areas that do not seem to go away, then non-invasive body contouring may be the right choice for you! People who are very athletic and find that nothing helps with stubborn fat or need to look perfect for a special occasion, commonly seek out body contouring Toronto options to help their problem areas.

SculpSure Toronto

SculpSure is an in-office treatment and the preferred option at Sovereign Skin for those looking to contour their bodies.

The results from a set of SculpSure treatments are long-lasting without the need for surgery or pain. If you are considering a SculpSure Toronto treatment, you should be active and have a healthy diet. In order to achieve long-lasting results from this fat reducing and body contouring treatment, typically a series of one to three treatments is necessary. The SculpSure treatment permanently destroys fat cells that are treated in the procedure.

That being said, as patients lose and gain weight, existing fat cells also can fluctuate with the change in weight. An ideal SculpSure Toronto candidate is between 10 and 20 pounds of their optimal weight and has a body mass index under thirty. With body contouring treatments like SculpSure, it is important to have realistic expectations and understand that even though fat cells are permanently destroyed during a treatment, weight fluctuations even after the SculpSure treatments may require additional sessions to achieve the desired result.

SculpSure treatment final results are seen at the twelve-week mark after the body contouring treatments have been completed. This time frame is based on your body’s ability to metabolize the eliminated fat cells through your body’s metabolic system. Just one SculpSure treatment lasting about 25 minutes has the ability to eliminate up to 24% of the fat cells treated in the session.

Typical results are both a reduction of circumference in the treated area and a reduction in size. The amount of reduction varies from person to person, but in general, patients can expect to see a 3 to 4-centimeter reduction in the treatment session (typically one to three treatments).

On top of the body contouring, SculpSure laser treatments can also improve skin laxity. Since the treatment is a warming laser, skin quality improvements for patients who have lost skin laxity over time are common after SculpSure treatments.


Tightsculpting is a new non-invasive laser technology used for body contouring (using the Fotona laser system).

This treatment’s main goal is to tighten and shrink skin in the stomach and other areas. The Tightsculpting treatment works by promoting the production of elastin and collagen. The laser heats the subcutaneous fat cells and that initiates the body’s natural elimination process. The body will then eliminate the fat cells through its metabolic processes over the next several weeks.

The treatment is performed in less than an hour and is painless, leaving the patients with results after as little as one treatment. Most patients will require between three to five treatments for optimal results that are long-lasting. Ideally, each treatment should be spaced one month apart including one to two touch up or maintenance treatments per year.

Are there side effects to body contouring treatments?

After your body contouring treatment, you may experience some tenderness, soreness and light swelling in the treated area for up to fourteen days. This is normal and expected after a body contouring treatment and is nothing to worry about.

Are body contouring treatments painful?

After your body contouring treatment, you may experience some tenderness, soreness and light swelling in the treated area for up to fourteen days. This is normal and expected after a body contouring treatment and is nothing to worry about.


How is body contouring different from weight loss treatments?

Body contouring treatments are meant to help patients get rid of stubborn fat deposits that do not go away with a healthy diet or good exercise regimen. On the other hand, weight loss treatments are designed for patients to lose significant weight. Body contouring treatments may cause a slight decrease in weight while weight loss treatments are meant for a decrease in weight.


Is there downtime after body contouring treatments?

There is no downtime after the body contouring treatments. Any side effects felt are very minor and very manageable.


Is there anything I can do before a body contouring treatment?

There is nothing necessary to do before a body contouring treatment but it may be beneficial to eat a meal before your appointment. This may minimize some discomfort you will feel during the treatment. For women, it may be beneficial to wait a few days until your period has ended to undergo a body contouring procedure as women are more sensitive while on their period and may feel increased amounts of pain during the treatment.


Is the fat permanently removed in the treated area?


Yes, the fat cells in the treated area are permanently removed. Those fat cells injured during the body contouring procedure and naturally eliminated by your body in the following weeks. With weight fluctuations, new fat cells may come and more body contouring sessions may be necessary.



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