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Got fine lines and wrinkles? This can help! Botox can treat other concerns too!


Botox is made from a biological neurotoxin called botulinum toxin, which is produced by a species of bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. Botox has many medical uses, including treating a variety of muscular conditions, treating excessive sweating, and removing wrinkles for cosmetic concerns, just to name a few. Botox Toronto works by acting on the underlying muscles, essentially paralyzing them. This action aids in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. With over 6 million Botox treatments administered per year, Botox Toronto is by far the most common non-surgical cosmetic procedure.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

If you are looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Botox may be the right choice for you. An ideal candidate for a Botox treatment is typically over 18 years of age and is concerned with a variety of areas of the face, including crow’s-feet, laugh lines, frown lines, drooping eyebrows, a widened jaw, smoker’s lines, and many more. Generally, any adult in good health who is not breastfeeding or pregnant is a candidate for Botox treatments.

How much does Botox Toronto cost?

Botox prices can depend on several factors. First, the qualifications of the injector can result in a price difference. Specifically, a nurse injector will typically charge less than a medical doctor injector. Second, Botox can be priced in two different ways: per unit and per area. At our clinic, we price our Botox treatments per area. For example, an area could be considered as the “angry 11 lines” or the forehead region. The price at our clinic per area is $325 + HST. This pricing method ensures that the patient achieves the desired effect in each area of the face.

How Do Botox and Dermal Filler Differ?

Botox and dermal filler treatments are both very common ways to treat unwanted facial wrinkles. When deciding which treatment is best for you, it is important to consider what your concerns are. If you are looking to get rid of dynamic wrinkles, then Botox Toronto will be a better choice for you. The treatment will reduce the visibility and motion of these wrinkles. If you are concerned with static wrinkles, one that is visible when your face is relaxed, then dermal filler is the right choice for you.

How Long Does Botox Last?

The effects of Botox treatment typically last 3 to 4 months. It is important to remember that this is the average length of time that a treatment will last, but individual differences do affect the length of the results. Some factors that may either shorten or lengthen the Botox results period are diet, facial structure, age, skin condition, sun exposure, and whether you use Botox repeatedly or not.


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Botox Treatment

How to Prepare:

One of the great things about Botox treatments is that there is nothing for the patient to worry about or change in their everyday life prior to the treatment. If you are looking to minimize the possibility of bruising or know that you bruise easily, it can be beneficial to avoid aspirin or any medications that contain aspirin. These medications can make patients more likely to bruise after a Botox treatment.

What to Expect Before:

To administer botulinum toxin, the powder is diluted in a saline solution. Then it is injected directly into the muscle (neuromuscular tissue). The needles used for a Botox treatment are very small, which often leave patients without pain or very minimal pain. Pain can be further avoided or diminished by using a topical numbing cream or an ice pack about 10 to 30 minutes prior to the Botox treatment. With these steps, you may not feel any pain at all.

Side Effects Risks & Complications:

The most common side effects of Botox include inflammation, swelling, redness, and pain at the injection site. An allergic reaction can be indicated by itching, a rash, welts, dizziness, along with the common side effects listed above. Generally, the Botox injections are well-tolerated by most. Only about 1% of patients undergoing Botox treatments will develop antibodies targeting the toxin, which effectively makes following treatments ineffective.

Sovereign Skin offers free consultations for our Botox injections, so we can discuss Botox costs and a treatment plan and help address any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us. One of our Sovereign Skin associates will be delighted to help you.


Here is a timeline of what you can expect after receiving a Botox treatment, from directly after your treatment to the 3- TO 4-MONTH MARK:

IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOUR BOTOX TREATMENT, you may feel slight redness and swelling, but that usually subsides within half an hour of the treatment time. Typically, patients will not experience any post-treatment pain or side effects. The provider of your Botox treatment will supply you with some post-treatment information and advice to ensure the best results of your Botox.

ONE DAY AFTER YOUR BOTOX TREATMENT, the majority of patients will not experience symptoms or have any evidence that they have had a cosmetic treatment done. Minor bruising is a side effect that some patients experience, but this is nothing to worry about. Typically, any bruising can be relieved with arnica cream and easily covered up with makeup. Noticeable treatment effects are usually not visible one day after your treatment.


ONE WEEK AFTER YOUR BOTOX TREATMENT, at this stage after your Botox treatment, you will likely see the full effects of the Botox, as treatments typically take 24 to 74 hours to take full effect. You will look more smooth and refreshed, and wrinkles will be diminished in the treated area. If this is your first treatment, a feeling of tightness or heaviness is normal. These feelings will diminish on their own within 7 to 14 days post-treatment.

ONE MONTH AFTER YOUR BOTOX TREATMENT, the results will still be very effective and apparent. Certain patients may experience a minimal mount of movement returned to the treated area. Keep in mind that this differs depending on the treated area and the individual patient.

THREE/FOUR MONTHS AFTER YOUR BOTOX TREATMENT, around the three/four month mark, you may start to notice a return of movement to the treated area. At this stage, you may want to consider booking another appointment for a Botox treatment.


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