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Laser treatments in skin aesthetics have grown in popularity over the past few decades and continue to bring innovations for various skin issues. With all of the advancement in technology, laser treatments for the face have become an inevitable part of most people’s skincare routine. At Sovereign Skin, we offer a wide variety of facial lasers to treat areas of concern on the face and neck, as well as the body.

Laser treatments work because of their ability to target different layers of the skin. Lasers deliver heat via the wavelength of the light being emitted. Depending on the wavelength chosen, laser beams can target everything from hair follicles to the collagen in the dermis to the superficial layers of the epidermis. The heat causes trauma to the targeted skin area, and that is what causes our body systems to respond and rejuvenate those specific, laser-treated areas. The cells affected by the intentional trauma will respond by repairing and healing, which then causes new skin cells to form. This results in new collagen and elastin production. With repeated treatments, the results are significant, as the skin can become more taut, clear, and smooth, depending on the goal of the laser treatment. In the case of ever-popular laser hair removal, the laser would be set to reach the depth of the hair follicle, which would absorb all of the laser energy, and the subsequent heat would cause damage to the hair follicle. With repeated treatments, permanent hair reduction is achieved. As a result, many patients come back to explore the many other benefits of laser treatments.

The Sovereign Approach

Here at the Sovereign Skin Laser Clinic, we provide laser procedures that are ablative or non-ablative. Thanks to the state-of-the-art Fotona laser technology platform, we are able to administer treatments that combine both ablative and non-ablative techniques into one treatment. Our treatments are customized for each patient to optimize the time required to see the results and effectiveness.

Non-ablative procedures such as the ClearLift treatment effectively treats pigmentation, lines, and wrinkles of sensitive areas such as crow’s-feet, the lower eyelids, around the mouth, and the neck. The special tip of the ClearLift can treat skin tissue up to 3 mm deep without damaging the surface layer of the skin, which makes it safe for sensitive, thin skin. The ClearLift laser remodels the skin by creating controlled, pixelated wounds at the proper depth without affecting the top epidermis layer. This is why there is no downtime and it is one of the more popular on-the-go laser treatments.

We also offer Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) treatment, which is an advanced type of intense pulsed light (IPL) laser. It is a cut above an IPL treatment in that it utilizes the full spectrum of the wavelength and delivers heat more uniformly. This means that it has no ultraviolet portion being emitted and hence is superior to IPL treatments. AFT laser is ideal for treating age spots, broken capillaries, rosacea, fine lines, and texture irregularities. An AFT laser treatment requires minimal downtime and is also another popular treatment for on-the-go patients.

Another popular facial laser treatment is the Laser Micro Peel, which requires little downtime while producing exceptional results. We use the Fotona platform to deliver this unique laser treatment. It combines both modes of ablative and non-ablative lasers.

The erbium laser mode brushes away surface imperfections while the Nd:YAG laser mode effectively conditions and stimulates the deeper layers of the skin. Because of the versatility of the Fotona platform, the intensity of the peel portion can also be adjusted, depending on the downtime available to the patient. In this way, patients see the best results as surface imperfections are resurfaced, while at the dermal layer, collagen is stimulated. In the days and weeks to come after the treatment, the skin is further rejuvenated, and multiple treatments make for optimum results. Micro Laser Peels are a great way to reverse the signs of aging, scarring, pigmentation, lines, wrinkles, and large pores. The treatment itself is also rather mild, and most patients are able to tolerate the slight discomfort.

Fotona 3D & 4D

For a non-invasive facelift, the Fotona 3D and 4D non-surgical facelift is a sought-after laser treatment, since it has a 3- and 4-dimensional approach. Lines and wrinkles are treated both on the exterior as well as intraorally (inside the mouth). Through directing the laser orally, the interior of the cheek facial tissue is stimulated. The skin (through this means of laser mode delivery) is able to achieve more thickness. In addition to the intraoral portion of this treatment, Fotona also includes a fractionated portion called the FRAC3, which is a unique laser that fractionates itself when it comes into contact with the skin. The FRAC3 laser becomes fractionated upon contact with any pre-existing skin damage while also inducing photothermal therapy further into the subcutaneous tissue layer. Additionally, the Fotona 3D and 4D non-invasive facelift includes the laser treatment called the Piano Mode of the Nd:YAG laser. This laser treatment remodels skin by delivering deep photothermal damage while keeping the epidermis safe. This type of bulk heating of the dermal layer increases cellular activity and, as such, produces collagen and elastin fibres. Lastly, the Fotona facelift treatment can include a laser peel portion wherein the erbium laser targets superficial imperfections on the epidermal layer, causing faster skin renewal. This is particularly suitable for people who are not inclined towards chemical peel options. Patients who receive the Fotona non-invasive treatment, whether 3D or 4D, can expect to have a downtime time of 1 to 5 days.


When considering more aggressive laser treatments for the face, especially when addressing severe acne scarring, deep wrinkles, and stubborn hyperpigmentation, the CO2 laser procedure is the gold standard for many dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medical aesthetic clinics. It does require a longer downtime of up to 2 weeks and is always administered by experienced medical professionals.

The carbon dioxide laser, best known as the CO2 laser, is an ablative procedure where trauma is induced strategically to resurface the skin. According to each patient, the doctor determines how much of the CO2 laser energy is to be delivered and also specifies the depth of the laser’s penetration. The patient is administered with anaesthetics for comfort levels. The procedure takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour for the full face and neck.

After the C02 laser treatment, the patient would experience pain that is likened to prolonged sunburn. Proper aftercare instructions are given to the patient, which are crucial to being followed. Immediately following the procedure, the facial skin would be red and swollen; ice packs can be applied for comfort and to reduce swelling. The treated skin of the face would then begin to crust in the following days and will appear as stripes. This is the normal healing process and the areas not affected by the CO2 laser act as healing centers to produce new skin cells. Healing times depend on each individual, but generally speaking, the therapeutically damaged facial skin that was targeted by the laser treatment begins to flake off within the first week. This is why it is recommended to take at least a week off of work and activities to remain at home. It is also critical to avoid any sun exposure both before and after the CO2 laser procedure to obtain the best results.

The benefits of getting a CO2 laser procedure begins soon after the procedure is done and also can be seen progressing even into six months post-procedure as new collagen is stimulated. This is why many people opt to have this ablative treatment done as it can address many skin irregularities in one treatment and C02 laser does not have to be repeated to see the remarkable results.

With so many options to consider in the realm of laser treatments for the face, it takes a few factors to consider before considering which option is best for you. At Sovereign Skin, we will review all of the pertinent factors with you in a free consultation.Downtimes will be considered, as well as the costs for each laser treatment, the professionalism, and experience of the laser technician or nurse, the risks involved and also the level of aftercare required.

When choosing a clinic for your laser treatment it is pivotal to choose one where your administrators are qualified and trained health professionals. At Sovereign Skin, our medical professionals are not only licensed and/or certified in laser procedures but are also conscientious, placing safety, thoroughness and efficacy in high importance. Our results for each patient are also measured and documented as per Ontario standards. We ensure that each patient’s criteria is met for the type of laser treatment chosen.

Also, since our medical aesthetic administrators are health professionals, they are equipped to go over every possible risk and can detect any health contraindication prior to any procedure. Being thorough is ingrained into the fabric of our health professionals at Sovereign Skin and every patient benefits from the excellence of their service. It is easy to see why our patients trust the expertise of our Sovereign Skin clinic; it is always important to feel safe before and after receiving invasive and non-invasive laser treatments.

Laser Cost

In terms of costs, laser treatments for the face can vary significantly in pricing. A series of sessions is typically required to see results and must be considered when evaluating the total cost of a laser treatment. Discount laser treatment pricing is available when laser packages are purchased from Sovereign Skin. Currently, non-invasive face laser treatments can begin at $300 per session and upwards (prices are subject to change over time). More invasive facial laser treatments, such as the CO2 laser procedure, begin at around $3,000 and upwards on average and can include the neck, if desired.


There are many other laser treatment options where costs are between those listed price points, but a full laser consultation is required to determine the best possible treatment option for you.

It is very evident to see that there are many options now with laser technology to treat skin issues and concerns on the face. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons have a wide variety of tools other than surgery to relieve common skin issues and help patients feel and look their best. From lines and wrinkles, scarring and indented scarring, texture, pigmentation, active acne, and unwanted hair – all of these can be effectively treated by the appropriate laser treatment. Moreover, including laser treatments in facial skin care routines prove to make skincare products respond more effectively. Active ingredients in skincare products work in synergy with the fibroblast activity induced in the skin by a facial laser treatment. Hence, laser treatments, both invasive and non-invasive, stimulate new skin cell production at varying intensities to result in clearer, smoother, and tauter-looking skin.

It is highly recommended that you check out the many laser options offered at Sovereign Skin and book a consultation with one of our excellent medical laser experts.


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