Green Toning

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Green Toning

Our Sovereign Skin family is loving the clear, porcelain results they get with Green Toning in Toronto. When aesthetic technology advancements allow us to reveal multiple complexion improvements at once, we’re excited to talk about it.

The StarWalker laser by Fotona harnesses a powerful 2-step process for the reduction of unwanted facial pigment, dark under-eye circles, and uneven skin tone.

Do you see signs of sun damage in your reflection? For people with Asian complexions, hyperpigmentation, darkened scars, and melasma can be a frustrating or embarrassing issue.

Green Toning is not only safe for Asian skin types prone to hyperpigmentation, but it is also considered this year’s go-to laser skin rejuvenation technique in Toronto.

Green Toning reduces pore size, improves skin colouring, repairs the look of sun damage, and helps smooth treatment areas. In fact, the StarWalker laser at Sovereign Skin is so multifaceted and capable, it allows us to treat melasma/hyperpigmentation and redness at multiple levels with customized Fotona pico wavelengths.

Find out why Sovereign Skin clients gravitate to Green Toning for retextured, even, youthful-looking skin. Call to book a complexion reset today!

How Does Green Toning Laser Pigment Removal Work?

The same technology behind panda eyes laser treatment and angel whitening helps this multi-wavelength nanosecond system successfully remove pigment while leaving skin smooth, toned, and clear.

Green Toning is non-ablative laser skin rejuvenation, which means that it doesn’t damage the surface layers of your skin or cause severe peeling. Therefore, Green Toning is much more comfortable than intensive lasers like CO2 and requires little, if any, downtime.

The primary reason why most people schedule Green Toning treatments is unwanted pigmentation. This laser zeros in on stubborn skin tone issues like melasma, freckles, age spots, and scarring.

Green Toning uses 2 different wavelengths of light energy, the same way that Fotona’s pico technology works for tattoo removal. The Q-switched YAG wavelength treats deeper pigmentation, and the Q-switched KTP wavelength treats superficial pigment. Extremely rapid nanosecond pulses target both dermal and epidermal layers to shatter pigments, which are then naturally flushed out of the body. The photo-acoustic response in the skin obliterates pigment into such small particles that they can be removed more thoroughly and faster than previous technology allowed.

Generally, melasma and rosacea have a vasodilation (dilation of blood vessels) component. Therefore, the Green Toning 2-step pico laser modality targets capillaries and pigment for visible, comprehensive transformation.

The result of Green Toning is clearer, even-toned skin and a host of additional benefits like a healthier and supple tone, minimized pores and the freedom to glow naturally with less makeup!

What Areas Can Be Improved with Green Toning?

Green Toning can treat pigment anywhere on the body. Most often, our clients choose to brighten the face, décolletage, and the back of the hands, where skin sees the most sun exposure and environmental damage.

We also utilize Green Toning to treat post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH) caused by skin injuries like cuts, burns, or surgical scars.

What to Expect During Laser Pigment Removal

While patients describe a “pins and needles” or prickly sensation during treatment with the Fotona Starwalker laser, no anesthesia is needed before each Green Toning session.

One of the reasons why Green Toning technology is so safe and effective for melasma is that it doesn’t conduct a lot of heat into the skin, which could overstimulate pigment cells and feel unpleasant.

The laser energy feels warm, but skin is simultaneously cooled with a special comfort attachment. You’ll be pleased to know that Green Toning is more comfortable than IPL laser and laser hair removal.

Your practitioner will prep your skin, then move the handpiece in smooth motions. Once your Green Toning treatment is complete, you’ll feel like you have a mild sunburn for 1 day.

Green Toning Treatment

What Can You Expect After Green Toning Treatment in Toronto?

Green Toning has very few associated risks or complications. However, your practitioner will inform you about pre-treatment and post-treatment protocols to ensure your safety and optimal results.

Potential concerns related to all laser treatments include:

  • Hyperpigmentation – Pigmented areas may appear temporarily darker, and lightening agents can help fade unwanted darkening.
  • Hypopigmentation – Loss of skin pigmentation after laser treatment is rare.
  • Prolonged inflammation or redness – Typically, temporary redness fades within 24 hours, but it may last longer in some cases.
  • Bacterial or viral infection – Some laser treatments trigger herpes simplex outbreaks. It’s important to let us know if you are susceptible to cold sores or other viral conditions.

To keep your complexion flawless, it’s essential to follow your gentle post-treatment care instructions and avoid sun exposure throughout the Green Toning treatment period. Most people are advised to schedule 3 to 4 sessions spaced 4 weeks apart.


Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Green Toning?

Green Toning can help reduce melasma, chloasma, and pigmentation in the epidermal and dermal skin layer.

Fair-skinned and people with medium, Asian skin tones (types 1 to 3) make excellent candidates. Your Green Toning treatments can be combined with chemical peels and other lasers. Plus, Sovereign Skin beauty experts will be happy to advise you on high-quality, medical-grade skincare formulas designed to further brighten, exfoliate, and tone your complexion.

Because of StarWalker’s innovative short-pulse, non-thermal modality, the Green Toning treatment is considered safe and offers fast recovery for a diverse range of skin types. However, some highly pigmented lesions may respond better to intensive peels such as the TCA (trichloroacetic acid) peel. Your personalized consultation is the first step to discover your skin’s unique needs and which treatment protocol will best help you reach your goals.

Sovereign Skin Even Skin Tone Maintenance Recommendations

Once you’ve achieved your desired complexion balance with Green Toning, we might recommend that you maintain your fresh, clear look with 1 or 2 maintenance treatments per year. Additionally, there are a few smart, easy ways to prevent the return of sunspots and melasma while taking excellent care of your skin at home.

First, investigating the cause of reoccurring melasma is helpful, as you may have a hormone imbalance or take medication such as contraception that contributes to it.

Next, daily UV protection and UV avoidance is a must once you’ve invested the time and effort into resetting your blemish-free skin. Especially in the case of melasma, UV radiation is a key factor in developing and exacerbating this issue, so you’ll want to commit to covering up and avoiding sun damage all year long.

Schedule Your Green Toning Laser Consultation at Sovereign Skin in Toronto

We look forward to meeting you and helping you reveal a bright, beautiful complexion that you’re proud to show off! Our spacious, luxurious treatment suites welcome you for a private skin assessment and discussion about your concerns and goals.

Your laser nurse will recommend a course of treatment for you and let you know exactly what to expect. They will then customize a series of sessions, depending on the level of pigmentation you’re addressing.

If you’ve heard the buzz and you’re curious to know whether Green Toning should be a vital part of your skincare this year, book your no-obligation consultation today and discover how good a fresh start can feel.


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