Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is an amazing technology used to permanently remove unwanted hair, leaving your skin feeling silky and smooth.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal targets hair follicles, effectively destroying them and leaving your skin without unwanted hair.

The technology works by using a highly concentrated light energy which emits light in short pulses. The technology behind the laser hair removal Toronto works in a similar way as how natural sunlight is attracted to darker clothing. Similarly, the energy from the laser is attracted to the pigment of the hair. Due to this, the ideal candidate is one with fair skin and dark hair – which creates a contrast, making it easier for the laser to see and destroy the hair follicles. That being said, people without light skin and dark hair are still good candidates for this treatment and can achieve optimal results. At Sovereign Skin, we use the Fotona laser technology for our laser hair removal Toronto treatment programs.

What are the outcomes and expected benefits of laser hair removal?

The largest benefit to a laser hair removal treatment is, of course, that unwanted hair is permanently removed! After the appropriate amount of treatments, patients are expected to achieve long lasting results in the treated area.

Laser hair removal Toronto technology has come a long way and has many added benefits in recent years including:

  1. Speed – Each pulse of light emitted from the laser takes less than a second and with each pulse multiple hairs are treated at the same time. To give some perspective, an area about the size of a quarter can be treated very rapidly.
  2. Precision – With the continual improvement of laser hair removal technology, lasers are more precise than ever before. New lasers have the ability to selectively remove hairs without damaging the surrounding skin.
  3. Predictability – Most patients receive the same amazing result of permanent hair loss after the required amount of sessions is completed!

What to Expect

Right before the laser hair removal treatment, the hair undergoing the hair removal treatment is trimmed to be quite short, only a few millimeters above the skin.

The practitioner will adjust the laser to customize the experience for your specific
color, location, the thickness of hair and your skin color. This helps achieve optimal results with your laser hair removal Toronto treatment.

During the treatment, you may need to wear eye protection and skin protection in the form of a gel or cooling device. Many compare the feeling of a laser hair removal treatment to a snapping of a rubber band to the skin.

After your laser hair removal treatment

After your laser hair removal treatment, you may be given a variety of items to ease any mild discomfort you may be feeling. Most patients experience nothing at all and return to their normal, daily routine. Some of these items that can be used for any mild after-effects you may feel can include ice packs and anti-inflammatory topical treatments. After your treatment, you will be able to schedule your next treatment for four to six weeks later. Treatments typically continue until the hair stops growing.

For a couple of days after your laser hair removal treatment, it is expected that the treated area can appear as if you have been sunburned – both in appearance and the way it feels. Over the next four weeks, the hairs in the treated area will begin falling out. It is also highly recommended to wear sunscreen daily and limit sun exposure after your laser hair removal treatment to ensure the best possible results and to prevent any skin discoloration.

Risks & Complications

The most common risk/complication are blisters. Although blisters are rare, they are a risk of laser hair removal treatment. Typically, blistering is more likely to occur in individuals with darker skin complexions. Even less common are permanent scarring or permanent skin discoloration.

When will I see results?

Results will begin to be seen about a week after the laser hair removal treatment, as that is when the hair follicles will begin falling out. At around the thirty-day mark, the last damaged hairs will be expelled. Therefore, within a few weeks your skin will begin to look smooth and hairless.

As laser can only destroy the hairs that are in an active growth phase, multiple treatments are necessary to provide long-lasting results. Hairs grow at different rates and are not all in the active growth phase at the same time, making it necessary to provide multiple treatments. Typically, 4-7 treatments are needed to provide lasting results but this number may vary due to individual factors.

Is laser hair removal safe for the face?

Yes, laser hair removal treatments are suitable and completely safe for the face and other delicate areas. Since laser hair removal treatments are very precise, they simply target the unwanted hair and, in the process, leave the surrounding skin undamaged.

How does laser hair removal differ or compare to electrolysis?

Laser hair removal and electrolysis both aim to permanently remove hair. Laser hair removal is recommended for larger areas (ex. Legs, Back, Arms) as it treats multiple hair follicles at the same time. Meanwhile, electrolysis is a technology that can only treat a single hair at a time.

Who is not a candidate for laser hair removal treatments?

Most individuals are ideal candidates for laser hair removal treatments. Individuals who suffer from several serious skin conditions are usually not good candidates for laser hair removal treatments. For example, people with psoriasis or dermatitis are usually not recommended to undergo these treatments. If you have a skin condition, it is best you speak with a laser hair removal technician beforehand to see if you are a candidate. Also, pregnant women and individuals who have a pacemaker are not suitable candidates for this procedure.

At Sovereign Skin, our medical aestheticians and lasers nurses are well trained and competent in their laser treatment skills. We would be delighted to book you in for a free consultation for laser hair removal. Please contact us using our online web inquiry form or by picking up the phone! We’d love to get you on your way to silky, smooth skin!



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