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Tattoo Removal with StarWalker

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal online searches nearly outnumber those for tattoo artists in Toronto. Sometimes getting “inked” doesn’t reflect one’s ideal image years later. Other times the quality or design of body art isn’t optimal, and people seek laser tattoo removal to lighten ink before covering it with a beautiful new piece.

Whatever your reasons, undoing tattooing is now far easier, faster, and more comfortable than before. At Sovereign Skin, we’re always ahead of the curve. We’re pleased to be one of the few elite cosmetic clinics with the industry’s most advanced Fotona StarWalker® MaQX Ultra Performance Q-Switched System.

Our process doesn’t harm the surrounding skin. Now you can count on the ultimate safety, focused precision, and more comfortable ink removal. We’ll explain why this system does what others can’t and what you can expect from your tattoo removal at Toronto’s Sovereign Skin.

How Does It Work?

Tattoos are comprised of tiny ink particles that are placed in the skin via needles that push ink under the epidermis. Over time, tattoos may spread, and the colour might fade or change, depending on the pigments used.

That’s why eyebrow tattoos bring us many clients looking to rewind. Their tattoo edges blur and shift over time, plus the colour can transform from black to green or blue. If you see ink gone wrong when you look in the mirror, there is help for you.

Tattoo removal lasers direct energy right into the ink particles. They are non-ablative lasers that pass through the skin, directly to the target. The energy is absorbed by the ink colours. Rapid pulses shatter the pigment into smaller pieces. Then the fragments are metabolized by white blood cells and flushed out through natural waste elimination.

It’s not instant. It usually requires 6 to 12 sessions to reach all of the ink. But the StarWalker system reduces treatment time significantly, with fewer drawbacks.

A different method of tattoo laser action

The Fotona StarWalker Modulated Acoustic Q-Switched (MaQX) approach works through photoacoustic effects rather than photothermolytic effects. That means that shockwaves, rather than heat, break apart melanosomes and ink into micro-particles for elimination through the lymphatic system.

A versatile tool

Multiple pulse mode settings mean that this incredible device can treat everything from unwanted hair to large pigmented lesions. More importantly for you, the FracTAT mode removes a wide range of dark (black, blue, brown) and brightly coloured pigments. Therefore, a broader range of tattoos are treatable with Fotona’s newest StarWalker technology.

StarWalker Compared to Older Q-Switch Tattoo Removal

  • Faster
  • More targeted to specific tattoo types / colours
  • Consistent results for extensive treatment areas
  • Higher intelligence and smart design record your personalized treatment settings
  • Less discomfort
  • Fewer passes
  • Greater success with coloured and deep tattoos
  • Fewer complications like skin damage, scarring, or pain
  • Lower on the tattoo removal pain scale
  • Capability to treat diverse skin colours and non-tattoo skin pigmentation issues


Is Tattoo Removal Worth It?

The methods and devices for erasing ink have come a long way. In the past, painful tattoo lightening and patchy, unpredictable results meant that the cons outweighed the pros for some people.

Today skin damage and severe pain are no longer the norm, and StarWalker significantly reduces previous concerns.

Here’s How StarWalker Is Better

The system achieves better ink clearance with each treatment and fewer sessions, which was one of the most significant issues for old Q-switched systems.

Standard, traditional Q-switch lasers perform less reliably on large or darkly pigmented tattoos. Typically, ink that is very deep or dark takes multiple passes with a laser to lighten. However, using the newest StarWalker FracTAT technology, even difficult tattoos are removed with fewer passes.

No one wants to undergo treatments 10 to 15 times when they could reach their goals with just a few sessions. Additionally, the costs for repeat sessions add up.

All in all, StarWalker’s FracTAT increases patient safety with greater precision and fewer appointments.

FracTAT also reduces the “frosting effect” that is common with many Q-switched lasers. The characteristic whitening of treated skin results from the high-energy disruption of pigment particles in the dermis, forming gases that puff up the skin. The white residue creates a barrier for subsequent pulses, increasing additional mechanical damage to the surface.

The StarWalker laser can also be expanded for diverse applications like vascular and pigmented lesion treatment. Compared to other industry “tattoo lasers”, StarWalker is significantly advanced and accommodating for various needs.

Is Tattoo Removal Safe for Dark Skin?

Yes, laser tattoo removal is finally safe for people with darker pigmented skin. Unlike some previous tattoo lasers, our newest laser, StarWalker, is appropriate for all skin types (when used correctly). The high-powered picosecond micropulses generate photoacoustic effects and better-controlled treatments.

Unlike thermal (heat laser) treatments such as erbium or CO2 lasers, StarWalker’s pulses in nano or picoseconds avoid post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation related to heat. This is critical for patients with darker skin who previously had limited options due to concerns about pigmented skin damage.

The StarWalker system has a fascinating benefit that you can’t see with the naked eye, but it improves results exponentially. The laser creates microscopic holes in the tattoo before treating skin with the full beam. These micro-ports act as small exit holes for the gas produced during ink disruption.

The result is that the skin doesn’t raise up and frost, so maximum efficiency and skin safety are yours. If you’re accustomed to thinking that laser treatments aren’t possible for you, you’ll be delighted to know that your options have improved.

More homogeneous targeting of deeper-lying pigments means leaving the surface unharmed and reducing unwanted side effects. An incredibly narrow, focused beam means that scattering energy to nearby tissue and skin pigment is not a problem with StarWalker.

Patented solutions

Fotona’s StarWalker advanced laser technology offers ground-breaking solutions like a homogenous beam profile. The homogeneity of a laser beam profile improves safety during treatment, as energy is evenly distributed across the skin. Epidermal damage is minimized, along with the risks of bleeding or blistering.

Achieving a homogeneous beam profile has been a challenge for the laser industry until now. Toronto tattoo removal patients from all backgrounds stand ready to benefit from the latest safety improvements.


Success removing all tattoo colours

The delivery of the right energy light wavelength is crucial to eliminate coloured tattoos. To successfully remove them, light must be absorbed by the ink. Not all tattoos absorb laser light energy the same way. For instance, red tattoos don’t respond well to the same wavelength as black tattoos, because red (and orange) ink can absorb some wavelengths completely instead of shattering into smaller particles.

Improved Safety

Patient safety and comfort are enhanced with ultra-performance MaQX mode. Our patients describe the StarWalker’s unique softness level selection as a game-changer compared with more invasive-feeling, uncomfortable treatments. MaQX-1, MaQX-2, MaQX-5, or MaQX-10 softness levels can be adapted for each client’s comfort.

Advanced system intelligence

This device is fully customizable with memory storage for your pre-set treatment profile. A procedure log tracks your sessions for the quick recall of your optimal treatment parameters by date. The control panel tracks all statistics during your treatments.

Tattoo Removal Before and After – What Can You Expect?

How long does tattoo removal treatment take? Your answer will be specific to your needs, your ink, and the technology used. Each patient’s treatment is customized for them. However, it generally takes a few weeks to see the results after a laser skin treatment.

When you begin treatment at Sovereign Skin, we’ll take pictures before you start, and you’ll note the visible changes with each session afterwards. Even after the first appointment, before and after images are dramatically different.

People with large or colourful tattoos will require a series of sessions that break apart the ink gradually until it eventually disappears.

What Does Tattoo Removal Cost in Toronto?

The cost of one laser tattoo removal session often ranges from $400 to $600 (at current pricing, subject to change). Multiple sessions are available as package options, and your practitioner will discuss the options that are suited to your goals. We recommend that you take advantage of our free tattoo assessment with a laser specialist at Sovereign Skin.



If you would like to further learn about what this incredible team of beauty advisors and medical professionals can offer you, please contact Sovereign Skin today to start your journey towards the very best Canada has to offer!

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