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Our latest body-sculpting innovation by Fotona


StarFormer is Toronto’s latest body-sculpting innovation by Fotona, and Sovereign Skin is pleased to be the first in Ontario, Canada, to offer this incredible magnetic muscle stimulation, toning, and contouring device.

When we say “incredible,” that doesn’t begin to describe how impressive StarFormer’s benefits are for men and women who want to safely, dramatically slim and tone their abdomen, arms, buttocks, and more. Through the power of magnetic energy, visible body shaping is only the beginning of what this system can do for you.

It doesn’t use heat.

It’s not radiofrequency or fat freezing.

StarFormer’s High-Intensity Tesla Magnetic Stimulation (HITS™) system is a novel magnetic stimulation device built for comfort and ease of use. The HITS system was engineered to target deep toning and tissue repair for a range of medical and cosmetic results.

There’s a good reason why this advanced technology is the new “it” treatment for sexual health, performance, muscle strengthening, body slimming, skin tightening, erectile dysfunction, incontinence, and even pain reduction! Never before has a non-surgical device allowed for non-invasive body improvements to be so easy and effective.

StarFormer achieves what competitor body sculpting devices attempt without the associated discomfort or health risks.

We all aim to be our healthiest and look our best through exercise and nutritious diets, but even dedicated fitness advocates often struggle to reach their body goals.

Whether you’re battling loose skin following weight loss, post-partum pelvic floor laxity, or stubborn pockets of fat that won’t budge – you’ve likely wished that there was a miracle machine that could zero in on your problem areas and transform you.

Of the several non-invasive body sculpting tools available today, this one finally offers satisfying, diverse benefits for a variety of Sovereign clients. We can’t wait to show you what StarFormer can do!

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How Does Magnetic Muscle Stimulation Work to Reshape the Body?


​StarFormer is a customizable magnetic body-sculpting and muscle-strengthening system.

If you frequent the gym, you may have heard about magnetic muscle stimulation for muscle toning and strengthening. The technology has been in the works and been marketed through the fitness industry in various forms over the years, but it’s never looked like this.

Fotona’s novel muscle stimulation system meets the needs of a variety of people, whether they’re seeking muscle gains, core and pelvic floor treatment, or pain reduction.

Functional magnetic stimulation activates motor neurons that contract individual muscles or groups of muscles. What takes StarFormer so far beyond effortless muscle stimulation that’s not possible in the gym is that its direct nerve stimulation increases cell metabolism as well. The result is improved perineural circulation and nutrition.

Without ever touching your skin, the high-intensity tesla magnetic stimulation device creates a magnetic field to activate your cells powerfully. You will feel your muscles contract, and the long-term result of cellular changes will build over time.

Each 20-minute body-contouring treatment delivers approximately 50,000 muscle contractions!

The generated magnetic pulses pass harmlessly through your clothes, skin, and bone to reach inaccessible, deep pelvic tissue, which is why StarFormer brings renewed hope and healing for the intimate issues that we can’t readily see, along with the satisfying outward slimming and contouring effects!

The StarFormer® PRO model combines the TightWave® and IntimaWave® models for skeletal muscle building and pelvic floor muscle stimulation.

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StarFormer® IntimaWave

StarFormer can help you get toned, continent, and confident again if you’re experiencing mild to moderate SUI (stress urinary incontinence) after childbirth or weight gain. IntimaWave takes the form of a unique, comfortable chair with magnetic stimulation built right in. All you need to do is sit and relax!

StarFormer treats the pelvic floor and back muscles in preprogrammed sequences to target the delicate, deep muscle groups that affect urinary and fecal incontinence and vaginal laxity.

Both men and women can benefit from improved pelvic floor strength, stamina, and control of continence issues.

During your IntimaWave treatment, you can remain clothed and simply sit on the armchair with built-in applicators that stimulate muscle contraction throughout the entire pelvic floor. Each set treatment program lasts roughly 20 minutes. During that time, your pelvic muscles will receive more tightening and toning benefits than you can possibly achieve through dedicated Kegels or other exercises.

Results include effective relief of SUI symptoms, bladder control, and reduced leaks.

IntimaWave® is gentle and fast, so no preparation is needed. And it’s an incredibly discreet way to take charge of an often embarrassing, sensitive issue with no effort or downtime.

IntimaWave can improve:

  • Mixed urinary incontinence
  • Fecal incontinence
  • Post-partum pelvic rehabilitation
  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation following surgery
  • Chronic prostatitis
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Poor circulation


TightWave allows you to stimulate 7 different areas of the body simultaneously! This is the magnetic strengthening system that shapes and firms areas like the glutes, abdomen (think “6-pack abs”), hamstrings, thighs, calves, back of the arms, biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back.

The StarFormer chair with its strategically placed built-in applicators combines with individual pads for targeted toning.

Each body-sculpting session takes between 20 and 30 minutes. And the best part is, you can get right back into your day when your session is complete, because there is no downtime associated with StarFormer magnetic body-contouring treatment.

StarFormer patients often report a reduction in their waist circumference even when their body weight does not significantly change. That’s because, unlike dieting, direct muscle stimulation for improved strength and tone also reduces the surrounding fat. When the goal is a slimmer shape, improved muscle definition, reduced fat, and inches, the results that you see are more exciting than numbers on a scale.

What Are the Advantages of Body Contouring with Magnetic Muscle Stimulation in Toronto?
What Are the Advantages of Body Contouring with Magnetic Muscle Stimulation in Toronto?
  • Fast and easy muscle strengthening. No workouts, but all the benefits!
  • Non-invasive / drug-free
  • No preparation or recovery time needed
  • High success and patient satisfaction rates
  • Burn fat and shape muscle
  • Shape and define large muscle groups
  • Improve core strength
  • Lose inches off your abdomen, waist, thighs, and arms
  • Improve your posture
  • Increase sexual sensation and function through toning and circulation
  • Target difficult-to-reach core, pelvic, and intimate areas
  • Target skin laxity following weight loss and childbirth

This impressive technology induces thousands of contractions during a 20-minute session, giving your muscles a workout that’s not possible at the gym. Imagine reaping the benefits of 20,000 crunches, bicep curls, or squats while relaxing in a chair at our elegant downtown Toronto clinic.

StarFormer Body Contouring is Safe and Effective. Is it Right for You?

​There are no major side effects associated with StarFormer. However, some patients report mild muscle soreness the day following treatment. Because this treatment uses a non-invasive magnetic field, it’s not painful at all and poses no risk to your skin. StarFormer is suitable for all skin types.

The device can be adjusted by your practitioner to ensure comfortable contraction intensity. Many people are even able to sleep during their session! You can expect sensations of tingling, tickling, or stretching as you adjust to the energy stimulating your involuntary muscle contractions.

There are some health conditions that may prevent you from being a good candidate, so schedule your private information session to learn more and find out how we can tailor treatments to match your goals and needs.

The New Age of Muscle Stimulation Body Contouring in Toronto Is Here at Sovereign Skin

Fotona’s medical aesthetic industry experts have developed a truly comprehensive muscle stimulation system like nothing available to the public before.

StarFormer is the only system of its kind designed to simultaneously target specific body zones like the abs, back, glutes, and pelvic floor, all at once. At Sovereign Skin, you can work on defining and perfecting just key areas, or you can work on a whole new you with full-form body contouring during each effortless session.

We see a lot of people who are frustrated by their lack of gains in the gym or by diets that won’t address their love handles and bulges. There are numerous systems designed to improve a single aspect of your physical form, but nothing until now has been so easy and complete as StarFormer’s muscle-sculpting technology to help tone and tighten your body while building muscle mass.

Sovereign clients often choose to avoid synthetic supplements, steroids, or other stimulants. They may also want to achieve body goals without the help of plastic surgery and the related risks.  Typically, going the natural route means substantial effort, sweat, and pain, but StarFormer is changing that.

The science of harmless magnetic pulses that penetrate the muscle layers, causing them to contract, is beautiful in its simplicity. Your muscle cells can grow effortlessly without grueling workouts. Ask our team how to get started with StarFormer and change how you think about body contouring today.

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