Panda Eyes Laser

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Panda Eyes Laser

If you’re plagued by dark circles under your eyes that no amount of concealer covers, you’ll be delighted to learn about the panda eyes laser treatment at Sovereign Skin.

Many people have experienced temporarily tired-looking, puffy eyes and dark circles due to burning the candle at both ends. However, a more chronic condition nicknamed “Panda Eyes” refers to permanently shadowed, dark skin surrounding the eyes, which persists no matter how healthy and rested you feel.

If you’ve tried everything to get rid of dark circles, take heart. A variety of factors may contribute to this cosmetic issue, but your personalized consultation is the first step to figure out the best treatment for your eye circles.

How do you treat panda eyes?

Our beauty specialists will zero in on the issue to recommend the optimal treatment or combination.

The panda eyes laser treatment is gaining popularity as Toronto men and women discover the fast, non-invasive way to lighten skin around the eyes and brighten the entire eye area. In just one session, you could appear more awake, youthful, and refreshed, whether first thing in the morning or late at night.

Read on to discover the causes of panda eyes and our most advanced approach to treating dark under-eye circles. Or call Sovereign Skin to book your consultation today!

What Causes the “Panda Eyes” Effect?

Dark circles under the eyes are a common complaint. However, the causes vary among people. You may have a combination of factors creating your “black eye” effect.

For instance, hollows caused by deep facial anatomy and soft tissue changes cast shadows, thinning skin shows the underlying vasculature, and skin pigment darkens over time.

Facial ligament and bone structure around your eyes provide a framework to support soft tissue. Facial fat compartments diminish, and orbital rim recession often accelerates in mid-life, leading to facial hollowing. The tear-trough zone under the lower lid may recede, which means that certain lighting casts shadows under the eyes.

Hyperpigmentation of delicate eyelid skin is also common. Particularly for people with darker skin tones, an excess of melanin may be hereditary or acquired with age and sun exposure. Hormonal changes or even inflammatory conditions like contact dermatitis may lead to hyperpigmentation.

We have good news! If you’re tired of looking tired and you want a safe, effective way to treat dark circles under your eyes, Toronto’s Sovereign Skin offers numerous options tailored to your unique situation. We’ll be happy to assess the causes, then recommend Fotona’s StarWalker panda eyes laser or one of several professional skin treatments.

Laser Treatments Safely Treat Dark Circles Under Eyes

There are essentially 2 categories of laser to treat skin and pigment issues: ablative or non-ablative.

Ablative lasers include CO2. They remove surface layers of skin while stimulating fresh cell formation and revealing the undamaged dermis underneath. The discomfort and recovery times associated with ablative lasers are more extensive. However, they are highly
effective and repair significant damage.

Non-ablative lasers treat skin at various depths using thermal and light energy. They don’t remove surface layers of skin, but target specific cells, stimulating healing processes and collagen formation. Certain light wavelengths are ideal to address pigment tones and depths. Recovery time is non-existent or very brief for non-ablative laser treatments. The discomfort is also minimal, and the payoff can be impressive, especially after repeat sessions.

Q-switched Laser

Panda Eye Laser: Non-Ablative, Powerful Focus

Panda eyes are often attributed to pigmented skin cells concentrated in the area surrounding the eyes. Melanin provides colour to the skin. Hyperpigmentation is a term that refers to excessive deposits of melanin in a particular area. Periorbital hyperpigmentation usually appears brown and darker than other facial skin.

Comparatively, dark circles appear bluish or purple when related to visible blood vessels under the surface.

Your panda eyes may be caused by either of these or both!

The s is one of the most advanced lasers on the aesthetic market. This new generation of Q-switched laser reduces pigmentation by targeting pigmented skin cells at specific, precise depths. It also reduces the look of visible blood vessels and improves blood flow around the eyes for healthy skin tone and colour.

The StarWalker panda eyes laser treatment is a 1-step process designed specifically to lighten the skin under the eyes without harming the surrounding tissue. You also have no lengthy recovery or discomfort to deal with.

Because of the combined light and heat wavelengths used to eradicate pigmented cells while stimulating circulation, the Starwalker laser also rejuvenates skin for a thicker, more toned, and smooth appearance.

Today, even clients with dark skin can safely take advantage of non-surgical alternatives to surgery and ablative treatments for dark circles.

What To Expect

What to Expect During Treatment with the StarWalker Panda Eyes Laser

StarWalker by Fotona is a Q-switched laser utilizing revolutionary ASP (Adaptive Structured Pulse) technology that targets melanin without injuring the surrounding skin. In the past, less focused laser wavelength technology could result in significant discomfort during treatment and potential for burns in patients with dark skin. Additionally, because of this diffused energy delivery, the results were not as impressive or efficient. That’s why we love StarWalker for its unmatched precision and safety.

You’ll be treated by our experienced laser nurse in one of our inviting treatment suites. The specifics of the panda eyes laser procedure will be discussed, and the eye area will be cleansed before beginning. We use the Zimmer cooling device, which makes any warmth or snapping sensations quite tolerable.

Your entire panda eyes laser treatment can be completed within 30 minutes, and there’s no downtime after. That means our clients often schedule dark circle laser treatments over a lunch break or after work with no major disruption to their routine. You may see some mild redness on the skin, but it lasts for only a few minutes to an hour.

How Long Do Panda Eye Laser Results Last?

Great news! Dark eye-circle treatment with the StarWalker laser is permanent. Once pigment cells are destroyed, they’re naturally flushed from the body over time, and they don’t return. Some people are prone to developing hyperpigmentation, and you may find you see new dark spots over the years. Refresh laser treatments can be scheduled once per year or as needed.

Who Are Good Panda Eye Laser Candidates?

Panda eye laser treatments for dark circles are gentle and tolerated well. That means most people make good candidates if their darkened eye area is caused by excess pigment or vascularity. Now, even dark-skinned patients who shied away from laser skin treatments in the past can confidently undergo treatment with StarWalker.

Potential risks exist with all aesthetic laser technology. Therefore, in-person assessments combined with detailed information about considerations will be a part of your planning process at Sovereign Skin.

The StarWalker panda eyes laser can lighten, even out, and tone skin nearly anywhere on the body, including the face, knees, elbows, and underarms!

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If you’re frustrated every time you see weary-looking, dark circles under your eyes, this could be the right time to finally banish them and brighten up your whole outlook. Our beauty specialists will show you how simple and satisfying the process can be! Please contact Sovereign Skin today and ask about the panda eyes laser treatment.


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