Tattoo Removal

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Tattoo Removal

If you have a tattoo that you regret, there is nothing to fret! Laser tattoo removal Toronto at Sovereign Skin is a safe and effective option to remove tattoos you no longer desire. When people age, they evolve in many ways, and sometimes the placement of a tattoo or its content is no longer relevant or wanted, as it can act as a hurdle in achieving their goals. Whatever the reason may be, tattoo removal Toronto is an excellent option for people looking to get rid of their ink and no longer live in regret.

How Can Tattoos Be Removed?

Laser tattoo removal is one of the most common types of laser treatments on the market today. It is actually almost as common as getting a tattoo. This method of tattoo removal Toronto works by applying laser energy to the tattoo-inked skin. This results in the ink particles breaking up, allowing the body to metabolize the ink through its natural processes.

When getting a tattoo, the ink is put into the skin with a needle in the deepest layers of the skin. This results in the ink being “trapped” underneath the skin. Tattoo lasers are very effective, as the direct energy is targeted to the ink. The colours in the ink will then absorb the laser’s energy causing a shattering effect on the ink particles. Now that the fragments are small, the body has the ability to get rid of them by white blood cells through the filtration and elimination processes.

The effectiveness of a tattoo removal Toronto depends on the laser light energy being absorbed by the tattoo ink. The absorption of energy is the key element in causing the tattoo to fade away over time. It is important to know that varying colours of tattoos do absorb light in different ways. For example, certain colours of tattoos are treated with a different wavelength of energy than black ones.

History Behind Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser technology began being utilized for medical purposes in the 1950s. The first laser tattoo removal was actually performed in 1962. Dr. Goldman used a CO2 laser to remove tattoo ink from his patient. This is what started the laser tattoo removal industry. Since then, it has grown tremendously.

In 2006, Q-switched lasers entered the market and have proven to be the most effective in laser tattoo removal. Due to their ability to switch between multiple wavelengths, their “pulsed” laser light is now the preferred method for tattoo removal.

Tattoo Removal Process

Using the Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser Technology is the most effective way in removing most colours on tattoos. This laser has the ability to emit a large range of wavelengths between 532 nm and 1064 nm. This range can successfully eliminate bright, red, yellow, orange, dark, black, blue, and green colours of tattoo ink.

Q-switched lasers are the most effective laser to remove a variety of coloured ink particles. These lasers are superior to others as they deliver the laser energy in nanoseconds (one billionth of a second). This extremely fast delivery ensures the breakdown of the pigment. Lasers treating tattoos without sufficient energy can actually cause unnecessary and avoidable side effects.

Q-switched lasers are a multi-purpose laser and have the ability to treat a variety of cosmetic conditions including enlarged pore, wrinkle removal, and pigmentation problems.

By removing the tattoo, the surrounding skin and tissues are not affected. The laser only targets very specific colours, which allows the surrounding areas to be safe from the laser’s energy. The laser’s energy is only selectively absorbed by tattoo ink and not regular cells.

The results from a laser tattoo removal are not seen instantly after the treatment. As the treatment relies on the body’s natural elimination processes, the results can be seen in the following weeks after the laser tattoo removal treatment is performed. For larger and more colourful tattoos, multiple laser treatments will be necessary to gradually allow the ink to disappear.

Safety Concerns

Since the emergence of lasers in the 1950s for medical purposes, lasers have come a long way in technology and safety. In the early days of laser, side effects like skin discoloration, eczema, erythema, and scarring were all side effects to laser treatment. Major advancements have been made since those days. Now, heat is delivered in a much more controlled manner and in pulses to avoid any unwanted side effects.

Laser tattoo removal is an invasive process, so it is essential to follow any after-care instructions provided to you. The new skin revealed after the ink is eliminated is very sensitive and fragile. It is essential to cleanse the area and use the prescribed creams as intended to ensure the best results. After a laser tattoo removal treatment, the area should remain out of direct sunlight and covered as much as possible.

What to expect

It is important to keep your expectations realistic. Most patients have to come back for more than one treatment to fully remove a tattoo. Every tattoo is different and depends on the size and colour, but it is important to keep your expectations realistic! These factors are discussed in a consultation with a laser technician, where they can estimate a timeline for your laser tattoo removal.

Throughout your laser tattoo removal process, you will notice a gradual decrease in the pigment of the ink and a decrease in intensity of the colour. It is also very possible to simply lighten a tattoo with the laser technology, either to put a new tattoo above or to improve the look of your existing tattoo.

Cost of laser tattoo removal

Cost of laser tattoo removal varies depending on the tattoo. To get the most accurate quote, you would need to book a consultation with a laser technician at Sovereign Skin who can see the tattoo and give an accurate estimate of the cost to remove the tattoo. Sovereign Skin Specialists offer free consultations to help you determine the cost of your laser tattoo removal.

Things to remember!
  • Have realistic expectations – one treatment will often not remove your tattoo
  • Both amateur and professional tattoos can be removed with laser, but amateur tattoos are often more difficult to remove due to less ink density and depth
  • If you have a darker skin colour, you are at higher risk of hypopigmentation
If you’re ready to say good-bye to your ink, give us a call or fill out our consultation form. We will do our best to respond within one business day!


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