Age Spots Concerns

Learn about the best methods to treat concerns about age spots.


Age spots are a collection of discoloured areas commonly found on the face. Age spots are also commonly referred to as brown spots, sun spots, liver spots, and freckles.

Age spots are caused by melanin, the natural chemical that causes pigment in our skin. Specifically, age spots are caused by an uneven distribution of melanin in certain areas. The face, hands, and décolleté are the most common areas for the appearance of age spots Toronto and are often a telltale giveaway of someone’s age.

The purpose of the melanin pigment is to absorb sunlight and aid in protecting skin from harmful UV rays from the sun. As our skin ages, the ability to fight the effects of UV rays diminishes gradually. This is the ultimate cause of age spots Toronto and other signs of sun damage.


Microdermabrasion is an in-office treatment typically performed by a licensed medical aesthetician.

Microdermabrasion is an extremely effective treatment for a variety of skin concerns, including age spots. The technology works by blasting the skin with microscopic crystals to the upper layers of the skin, which essentially rubs off darker pigmented areas. This process revives the upper layers of the skin, which in effect results in diminished fine lines, overall improvement in the texture of the skin, and the betterment of darker pigmented areas like age spots.

This procedure is relatively painless and fast. However, it is likely that multiple procedures will need to be done to see a long-lasting improvement in the appearance of age spots. The advanced microdermabrasion treatment of choice at Sovereign Skin is the SilkPeel Facial with the dermal infusion serum Lumixyl. Lumixyl is a Stanford University-developed deca-peptide that targets hyperpigmentation, melasma, photo damage, and age spots (also know as liver spots or sun spots).


Chemical peels are also a multi-purpose, in-office treatment commonly used to treat the appearance of age spots. Chemical peels are often performed by a medical aesthetician. The procedure involves using a chemical solution, applied to the skin, to chemically remove the outer layers of skin. The new skin that replaces the old skin will have a much lighter appearance of the age spots or may even have no age spots at all, depending on the depth of the discoloration. Scaling or shedding of the skin is normal and will occur for a few days following the chemical peel treatment. Classically, 2 to 4 treatments completed a few weeks apart will yield optimal results. Chemical peels are currently one of the top cosmetic treatments in the world in terms of popularity.


Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are an effective and long-lasting method in removing or diminishing the appearance of age spots. Laser technology uses a flash of light at a particular wavelength, aimed at the discoloured area. The darker pigmented area picks up the frequency of light, leaving the surrounding non-discoloured skin untouched.


After the spots absorb the energy from the light from the laser, they will peel off the skin for several days after the laser treatment. Typically, laser treatments are minimally painful, and the sensation felt by patients is often described as a rubber band being snapped on your skin. The number of treatments necessary for age spot removal can vary based on the individual, but often one laser treatment can show a diminished appearance in age spots. It is usually recommended to have a few treatments to notice exceptional results.

Which age spot treatment is right for me?

The best and most accurate way to know whether microdermabrasion, chemical peels, or a laser treatment is the best option for your age spots is to have a consultation with a Sovereign Skin laser nurse or medical aesthetician in person. These professionals are trained to spot differences in age spots, sun spots, and melasma so that they can create a unique treatment plan based on your needs.

Fun facts about age spots

  • Age spots are more common and appear to be more noticeable in people with lighter skin tones.
  • Patients with a genetic tendency to develop freckles often notice the appearance of age spots more frequently and at a younger age than others.
  • Almost all age spots are benign and harmless, but if you observe a change in the size, shape, or colour of the spot, you should see a doctor.
  • Any excessive exposure to UVA or UVB rays can accelerate the appearance of age spots.
  • UVA and UVB rays are emitted from the sun and the artificial light in tanning beds.
  • Age spots can become apparent at a very young age, even before the traditional signs of aging (i.e. wrinkles) appear.
  • The age of 40 is typically when age spots become prominent in the skin, as this is when our skin slows down in regenerating from exposure to UV rays.
  • The colour of age spots can be brown, black, or dark red. If you are not sure if you have age spots, you should speak to a medical professional to determine whether the discoloration that you see is related to age spots.

Prevention of Age Spots

  • Limiting your exposure to UV rays is the best way to prevent the onset of age spots. Sunlight is the main source of UV radiation, so limiting the amount of time in the sun during the sun’s strongest hours of 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. is an excellent way to prevent age spots.
  • Protecting exposed skin with sunblock daily is also an effective way to prevent or diminish age spots. Sunscreen has chemicals in it that are designed to protect the skin from the sun’s strong UV rays, which cause age spots Toronto. Make sure you apply sunblock about half an hour before going outside. Even when the sun isn’t out or in the winter months, sunscreen is still very beneficial, as UV rays are always being emitted from the sun.
  • A good skincare regimen can also aid in preventing the onset of age spots Toronto and associated signs of aging. We recommend using a high-quality skin care line like Vivier to prevent the signs of aging and keep your skin looking as youthful as possible.


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