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Stem Cells

Sovereign Skin is at the forefront of transformative, relevant skincare and beautiful innovations in pro-ageing science.

We’re pleased to announce our newest collaboration with Dr. Drew Taylor, founder and CEO of Acorn Biolabs, to bring the limitless potential of stem cell banking to you.

We can now harvest the most potent cell regenerators in your body for future use in the areas of regenerative medicine, curing disease, anti-aging, and even regrowing hair!

The timeline for new advancements in this exciting field of research shows us that the first wave of utilizing stem cells for cosmetic rejuvenation is upon us. Scientists are now harvesting stem cells to tap into for anti-ageing treatments that regenerate smooth, elastic, youthful skin and facial tone using your own cellular building blocks. In the future, numerous body tissues may be created on demand.

Cryogenically freezing and preserving stem cells offers an endless health and beauty resource for patients – a health insurance policy for their best life in the future.

And the best time to save your most valuable stem cells is now.

What Is Stem Cell Banking?

Regenerative medicine encompasses health and wellness interventions that are designed to restore normal function to tissue damaged by disease, trauma, or time. It can include chemical, gene, and stem cell-based therapies as increasingly natural and safe interventions.

Stem cell hair banking is a practice derived from impressive work in cellular regeneration research. Scientists currently harness the growth potential of stem cells to grow vital body tissues. In particular, your hair follicles contain a high level of these foundational building blocks, which can be programmed to create any cells in the body, including organs, hair, collagen, or connective fibres.

You may already be familiar with the practice of freezing eggs or umbilical cord stem cells. While not yet mainstream, this type of preservation began to gain popularity roughly a decade ago. The concept behind cell banking is that your own cells are the healthiest, most reliable healers that you have in your body, so saving them in a cell “bank” freezes their potential in time, for future use.

Stem Cell Banking to Freeze the Aging Process

When your cells are cryogenically frozen, the effects of age and the breakdown of cell components are halted in time.

People who choose to store their cells safely now can access their “fountain of youth” as new treatments become available.

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Preservation and restoration of youthful appearance fuels a massive global market. For this reason, breakthroughs in stem cell technology to reverse ageing will continue to come to market. Are you ready?

Current research in regenerative medicine has advanced the treatment of disease and injuries already. As is often the case, scientists find cosmetic applications for new scientific breakthroughs very quickly. We’re seeing progress in genetic modification, cell repair, cellular renewal, and cell replacement that can turn back the clock for you and help you face the future more confidently.

Bank Your Stem Cells

When Is the Right Time to Bank Your Stem Cells?

Even the most revolutionary aesthetic treatments can be only as potent as the cells used in their development. Nothing is a more natural match for your unique biology than your healthy cells.

Even if you take care of yourself, exercise, and supplement your diet, your cells continue to age every day. With stem cell banking in Canada, you can completely freeze the aging process for your cells and draw on their youthful, regenerative power as you age. Banking your hair follicle stem cells with Acorn means that your cells will never age from the moment you freeze them.

Breakthroughs in regenerative medicine progress daily, and innumerable cell-based skincare and anti-ageing treatments are undergoing clinical testing.

Now is the time to bank the creative power of your stem cells for use when you are older. Ageing is non-negotiable, unfortunately. But ageing gracefully is now your choice.

The implications for remarkable age-reversal medicine is the subject of numerous current scientific studies. Hair follicles, in particular, hold powerful growth factors and tissue regeneration potential, not just for hair. Because they are relatively easy to extract and preserve non-invasively and safely at any age, you can begin today.

How Does Toronto Stem Cell Banking Work?

Advanced Regenerative Medicine

When you bank cells, for a small monthly fee you invest in endless possibilities for your future self. As a type of “health and vitality insurance,” cashing in will mean that you are the first in line with VIP access to the most advanced regenerative medicine of the future.

  • Stem Cell Banking Cost

Today, secure cryogenic storage service costs less than $15 monthly. If you spend more on lattes or snacks each week, imagine if those small payments gave back to you in the future.

  • Stem Cell Banking Process

The concept of cryogenically freezing your stem cells once seemed high-tech, but extracting and preserving hair follicle stem cells is actually as simple as plucking a few hairs at the root. The process is painless, and there is no recovery time or risk to you.

  • Stem Cell Banking Security

Is banking your stem cells safe? At Sovereign, we know that privacy and security are critical for our Toronto clients. In partnership with Acorn, we clearly verify that your stored cells will be made available only to you, for your purposes. Your body tissue and personal information are never shared. They are contracted for specific storage and client use. You are in control. Your personal agency and control over how naturally you age is the spirit of what we strive for.

Stem Cell Therapy – The Future Begins Now
Invest in you. Health decisions today help secure a vibrant future.

We’re watching exciting stem cell research reveal ways to grow organs, bio print skin to heal burns, and regenerate cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. These advancements in autologous medicine were once considered sci-fi concepts, but they are fast becoming the practical medicine of tomorrow.

With Acorn and Sovereign Skin, you can leverage your best stem cells now. You can ensure that your most precious resource – your own cells – are in pristine condition when you want them.

At Sovereign Skin, we believe in ethical, avant-garde health and cosmetic services offered in an inviting, yet state-of-the-art facility. Empathy, professional excellence, and a passion for glowing wellness are elements that shape each patient experience.

Call to schedule a consultation with us and discover how stem cell banking in Toronto, Canada, can secure peace of mind for you down the road.


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