Face Slimming Toronto

Face Slimming with No Surgery? Masseter Botox is the Easiest Way to Balance Facial Proportion


Face slimming at Toronto Sovereign Skin can be achieved without surgery. Jaw reduction with masseter Botox is trending as one of the easiest ways to balance facial proportion for beautiful effects.

Do you spend time and money on facial contouring makeup? Many people are self-conscious about a wide or overly strong jaw. If you aren’t interested in the higher costs and lengthy recovery associated with surgery, this fast, minimally invasive injection could be your simple, effective solution. Imagine feeling more confident about your facial profile and attractive contours. Learn how a few comfortable injections can deliver lasting face-slimming effects. No recovery time needed.


People who are genetically predisposed to robust, overdeveloped jaw muscles may feel that their lower face looks heavy and more masculine than they’d like. People often mistake masseter muscle development for a “fat” face, and they work hard at dieting to lose weight. The role that strong, large facial muscles play in jaw and cheek size may be overlooked.

The ideal of a delicate, V-shaped lower face doesn’t come naturally for many people, yet it is very much sought-after, especially for females. In parts of Asia, jaw-slimming surgery is all the rage. At Sovereign Skin, we’re pleased to offer numerous approaches to facial contouring that suit non-surgical patients too.

Face slimming in Toronto is often achieved with a mere injection treatment and offers highly satisfying results. Find out why Sovereign Skin leads the way in non-surgical facial contouring and other advanced cosmetic procedures. You can book a free consultation with one of our aesthetic experts and learn how to contour your jawline without going under the knife.

Face Slimming Toronto


Facial or jawline slimming is a non-surgical treatment that utilizes a neuromodulator, botulinum toxin type A, to temporarily decrease muscle movement and shrink muscle mass. You may recognize that this is the same wrinkle-reducing medication used to diminish forehead frown lines, helping patients look youthful and rested. There are a few Health Canada-approved brands that manufacture the remedy for wrinkles, and they can be used effectively anywhere that decreased muscle movement is desired.

Once the jaw and masseter muscles receive the medication, they don’t contract as forcefully or as often. The effects last longer in the jaw area than the forehead in most cases, because a higher dose is used. Face slimming with injections isn’t permanent, but one treatment may last several months.

What will your face-slimming treatment be like?

During your appointment, you’ll be invited to relax in one of our welcoming, private suites. Your masseter muscle strength and size are assessed by feeling the outer jaw just below the ear while clenching your teeth. People with an overdeveloped jaw have a perceptible bulge at the sides, and the large muscle can be felt with the fingers.

Your practitioner will assess your flexed jaw muscles and explain what you can expect from your treatment. The injection is done with a very fine needle, and it temporarily relaxes specific muscles through the blocking of nerve impulses.

The whole face-slimming Toronto treatment takes just 5 to 10 minutes, and there’s no recovery time at all. You may feel slightly sore for a day after injection or nothing at all. You’ll be able to return to work and regular activities as you normally would.

Does non-surgical face slimming in Toronto hurt?

One of the most attractive features of cosmetic facial injections is that they feel only mildly uncomfortable, if at all. We offer patients a topical numbing cream, if needed, and the doses are given with tiny needles. Most people are surprised that it’s so comfortable. People who want to avoid the pain, swelling, and scars associated with surgery love this low-risk option.

How many face-slimming treatments will you need?

Each patient at Sovereign Skin receives a personalized treatment recommendation based on their unique needs and goals. We’ll recommend a check-up shortly after your first session, then a follow-up for maintenance before the effects wear off entirely. Due to the atrophy of muscles that are used less, you’ll likely need lower doses to maintain the same great results over time. You’ll still be able to use your jaw normally, because masseter slimming injections aren’t intended to impair chewing. Once the anti-wrinkle injections wear off, muscles will usually increase to their previous size if exercised consistently.

You may be able to preserve your results somewhat by avoiding activities that exert masseter muscles such as chewing gum and tough foods.

Does jaw slimming reduce cheek fat?

Masseter reduction isn’t a weight-loss solution and won’t directly affect your facial fat. However, Toronto facial-slimming treatments do decrease muscle size due to atrophy. Overall, this shrinking effect makes a face appear slimmer and can help bring better balance to facial features. Combined with other treatments such as dermal facial filler for cheeks, the look can be an entirely recontoured, reshaped face with better bone structure and natural contouring.

Select an experienced physician or facial cosmetic surgeon who is adept in comprehensive, non-surgical facial enhancements. Lasting, natural-looking transformations are achieved every day at Sovereign Skin using safe, minimally invasive techniques.

How can you get personalized face-slimming advice?

We recommend that you take advantage of a free consultation at Sovereign Skin. Our expert physician injectors have performed thousands of face-slimming treatments, and we know that it delivers a high satisfaction rate. Men and women of all ages and backgrounds choose jawline-slimming injections to get the lasting facial contouring effects they want with no downtime.

At Sovereign, you’ll be able to share your goals and questions, learn about treatment options, and understand all the pros and cons before proceeding. When you’re ready, your treatment will be done fast, and you’ll see results within a few days. Come meet our team and find out how face slimming in Toronto can help you ditch the contouring makeup and love your look.


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