How Does Laser Skin Resurfacing in Toronto Work to Revitalize Skin?

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Laser skin resurfacing in Toronto offers transformative complexion improvements without cosmetic surgery. But how does it work to revitalize skin? Sovereign Skin is an expansive, modern cosmetic clinic with a wide variety of skilled practitioners and technology in one inspiring space. Among our leading facial treatments is the renowned erbium laser skin-resurfacing treatment. In this article, we’ll tell you what the best skin-tightening treatment is and much more that you need to know about Toronto’s laser skin resurfacing.

Laser skin resurfacing for Toronto men and women

Both men and women are frustrated by irregularities on the face, but they may not realize what treatment options are available to them and how they work (or if they work). For people who’ve just begun to learn about laser skin resurfacing Toronto, questions about cost, comfort, and recovery are common. It also makes sense to ask, What can lasers do for my skin? The technological advancement of lasers allows common skin abnormalities like acne scars, burn marks, blemishes, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation to be removed and replaced with your own new skin cells. Erbium laser skin resurfacing is a plastic surgeon’s favourite, but it’s not plastic surgery.

This modality removes superficial lines and even moderately deep wrinkles with minimal discomfort, few side effects, and a more rapid recovery than other laser treatments.

How exactly does laser resurfacing work?

Erbium laser skin resurfacing ablates the epidermis very precisely. The outermost layer of the skin reveals new, fresh, undamaged, and youthful-looking cells. The laser also stimulates collagen to tighten and firm the skin.

During this in-office treatment, patients receive a local anaesthetic and sometimes a mild sedative to keep them comfortable and relaxed. As the patient rests on a soft treatment bed, the licenced nurse applies a laser applicator to the skin. The energy is directed to a precise surface epithelial layer and creates “microthermal” zones within the skin. An average of 1,000 to 2,000 microthermal zones are created in just one square centimetre. The micro-heated zones trigger skin repair, and new cells replace the old, sun-damaged skin. Erbium produces less bulk heat than comparable resurfacing lasers. This allows the gentle, gradual elimination of very fine skin layers.

With each treatment, 15% to 20% of the damaged surface cells are removed. The carefully controlled process accelerates skin cell turnover and collagenesis. After the session is complete, your nurse will place a dressing over the skin to protect it, and medicated ointments are used to soothe and moisturize new skin throughout the recovery period.

Is laser skin resurfacing painful?

Sovereign’s erbium laser is fully ablative, and the downtime you can expect is similar to a CO2 laser, deep chemical peel, or dermabrasion. It’s realistic to expect some discomfort and a little inconvenience in the first 2 weeks. The epidermis layer (surface of the skin) is removed to a depth of 50 microns to 300 microns. Each individual’s treatment level may vary, so the length and severity of downtime will vary too. The natural healing and regeneration process of laser skin resurfacing are part of the beneficial effect. Re-epithelialization takes about 10 days. During that time, skin appears very red and needs meticulous protection and care. Most people book a couple of weeks off work to recover in privacy.

Luckily, the visual effects of treatment appear more severe than they feel in most cases. You will have instructions for soothing the skin and taking over-the-counter medication, if needed, during the first week. People describe the sensation as that of a sunburn.

It’s essential for patients to avoid sun exposure during skin resurfacing recovery, because they risk developing a condition called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) if their inflamed tissue comes into contact with the sun’s rays. People often find it easier to manage a smooth, safe, and comfortable recovery during the winter months, when each day sees less daylight and it’s more common to hide out indoors.

Is laser skin resurfacing Toronto safe?

Even when a cosmetic treatment is uncomfortable, many people accept the downtime and inconvenience as worthwhile trade-offs for impressive results. A critical question to ask is whether a procedure you want is safe. Erbium laser treatments offer a shorter recovery period and minimal side effects, but patients must anticipate the redness that comes with healing and be patient with the process. Your skin will appear pink for at least a month after the procedure. Some swelling is expected in the first week, but diminishes quickly. Health Canada has determined that erbium laser skin resurfacing is safe and effective to treat fine lines and moderate wrinkles.

Erbium fractional skin resurfacing lasers can improve the following:

  • sun damage, fine lines, moderate wrinkles, and age spots on the face, neck, décolletage, and hands
  • some instances of melasma and hyperpigmentation
  • acne scarring and burn scars
  • fine lines around the eyes and eyelids
  • uneven, patchy texture
  • enlarged pores
  • precancerous lesions

Is laser skin resurfacing in Toronto the best option for you?

Candidates for erbium laser skin resurfacing are generally seeking a dramatic improvement for fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, skin damage, uneven texture, scars, and more. Laser skin resurfacing and tightening is safe for a variety of patients and ages and for both men and women. The tightening effect created by collagen stimulation and exposing new skin cells is not as dramatic as lifting and smoothing skin with facelift surgery. For people who have deep wrinkles and moderate to severe facial sagging, a more invasive, lasting option like facial cosmetic surgery may be advised.

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