How Does IPL Treatment for Acne Really Work?

by | Dec 10, 2020 | Face, Treatments

Does intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment for acne really work? Chances are that if you struggle with embarrassing blemishes as a teen or an adult, you’re desperately seeking remedies to clear up acne breakouts and get your smooth skin back. The problem is complex, and curing acne often isn’t as simple as finding the right medication or product. Analyzing the cause of breakouts and assessing a person’s overall health and well-being is a great first step.

Acne is a skin disease involving bacteria, overactive sebaceous glands, and blocked hair follicles. It can be embarrassing for many people. It’s extremely common, yet because it’s so hard to hide, patients often feel very self-conscious and ashamed of their breakouts. Pimples, spots, oily skin, blackheads, whiteheads, and scarring all change a person’s facial appearance.

When you visit Sovereign Skin, our compassionate skin specialists will spend time with you listening to your concerns and goals, then customizing a targeted approach unique to you. For instance, your plan of action may involve gentle cleansing and bacteria reduction with advanced skincare products. It may include light exfoliation, IPL treatment, and soothing, anti-inflammatory care. Acne sufferers in Toronto are often amazed by how efficiently this laser light technology clears up blemishes. However, that’s not all IPL can do for you. Darkened and irregularly textured acne scars are also improved with no injections, incisions, or lengthy downtime required.

How does IPL treatment for acne kill bacteria that causes breakouts?

Penetrating the surface of your skin with targeted light beams allows your practitioner to treat just the precise layer and micro-zone desired without causing any visible damage or harm to the surface. Intense pulsed light triggers a biochemical response in your skin that kills the acne bacteria inside pores and reduces inflammation of the sebaceous glands. The heat energy stimulates healthy new cells to grow and improves the collagen and elastin responsible for firm, supple complexions. IPL treatment for acne temporarily reduces facial oil production and reduces the size of facial pores. Pimples, inflammation, excess oil, enlarged pores, and acne scarring are the main concerns thacne sufferers have, and IPL treats them all.

Why is IPL treatment for acne in Toronto trusted for clear skin?

Find out why so many Torontonians trust IPL to fight acne blemishes. Photofacials use non-invasive technology and require less recovery time than more harsh or ablative skin rejuvenation treatments. That’s why we consider it an ideal quick solution and why our patients love it.

Intense pulsed light is carefully directed waves of light applied to a specific area of skin. AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) is the preferred IPL system at Sovereign Skin. It was specially designed to create dramatic complexion improvements using low-energy light with a unique “Equal Distribution”, unlike traditional IPL treatment for acne. Many lasers generate a single wavelength of light. However, AFT IPL treatment for acne in Toronto emits gentle energy pulses in multiple wavelengths. That’s important to know, because it eliminates hot spots, making treatment safer and more comfortable. It also means that treated areas appear smoother and healthier after just one session, compared to 5 or 6 with regular IPL. Imagine clear skin after a few fast, painless sessions and no time off for recovery. You can have treatment after school, on a lunch break, or any time that’s convenient for you. Our busy clients appreciate the way that IPL fits into fast-paced schedules.

What will your IPL treatment for acne be like?

Before your treatment, we’ll provide you with instructions to prepare your skin. The guidelines include avoiding UV exposure such as tanning for 2 weeks before your session. Whether male, female, young, or older, most patients care about safety, comfort, and recovery. We are pleased to let them know that the treatment is fast and can be made more comfortable with topical numbing cream. Our IPL has a cooling mechanism to minimize discomfort during the procedure. Most people don’t find it too painful, but you can take over-the-counter analgesics if necessary. The whole IPL treatment for acne may be done in under 30 minutes with a laser RN (registered nurse).

Even better, patients experience little to no downtime at all. You may return to your daily activities or take the afternoon off if you experience temporary redness.

Is IPL treatment for acne safe for everyone?

AFT-IPL is safe for acne treatment, because it doesn’t cause surface damage to your already sensitive skin. However, IPL laser treatments aren’t suitable for everyone. Good candidates must be generally healthy without viral or fungal conditions. To ensure safety and optimal results, avoiding UV exposure before and after treatment is essential. As well, the advanced IPL is safe for many skin tones and types, but dark-skinned patients are often directed to alternatives. This treatment is not recommended for people who have skin cancer. The best way to know if IPL therapy is right for you is to have an in-person assessment. Sovereign offers all our skin consultations complimentary, so you can feel free to ask questions and gather information about what’s right for you. Consult with your doctor if you’re taking medications or undergoing any medical treatment.

How often should you have IPL treatment to combat acne?

Skincare specialists usually recommend 4 to 6 sessions to allow for normal skin cell renewal. 4-week interval sessions are advised. It usually takes at least a few sessions to kill acne bacteria effectively, but many patients begin to note improvements after the first appointment.

Once you achieve clearer skin, long-term improvements to texture and tone can be maintained with a few sessions per year.

Interested in IPL photofacial?

This non-invasive, quick, and effective complexion-clearer is a powerful tool in your kit to fight acne. Along with expert skincare products and advice, you can take control over the appearance of your skin and regain your confidence. We’ll be pleased to meet with you at our convenient downtown Toronto aesthetic centre. Please contact Sovereign Skin for your consultation about IPL treatment for acne.

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